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A great many people with HIV smoke cigarettes. Around 60% to 70% of individuals with HIV smoke. Smoking is a risk factor for many different types of cancer. As people with HIV live longer and continue to smoke, they increase their risk of developing smoking-related cancers. Grown-ups with immune-deficiencies are a great deal more prone to experience the ill effects of molluscum contagiosum. Around 90% of patients who are HIV-positive have skin sores or some likeness thereof, including molluscum contagiosum. In one study, 18% of patients who were HIV positive were found to have molluscum contagiosum (Rane et al., 2014). In immune-deficient individuals, molluscum contagiosum can spread to all body surfaces. Immuno-competent grown-ups don't get molluscum contagiosum injuries a long way from the genital zone. The presence of molluscum contagiosum on the substance of a grown-up is a decent marker that they have a HIV disease or some other immunosuppressive condition. Immuno-genetics helps in comprehension the pathogenesis of a few immune system and irresistible sicknesses and bacterial diseases under clinical investigations of STDs. As per the report "HIV Therapeutic Market", distributed by Market Data Forecast, the worldwide market is anticipated to achieve USD 14.2 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 1.4% from 2016 to 2021.

·         Kaposi sarcoma

·         Cervical Cancer

·         Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

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