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HIV treatment includes drugs that work extremely well when your adherence is great. ‘Adherence’ is a term used to refer to taking your drugs at the right time, every day, as prescribed by your doctor. Taking your treatments every day and not missing any doses, is one of the most important aspects of managing your HIV. Like any drugs, HIV treatment can cause side-effects. It is important to always talk to your doctor or nurse and let them know whenever you experience any new symptoms that may be due to side-effects, as they may be able to help you deal with them. The proportion of women in AIDS research studies is increasing but is still quite low. More studies of women with HIV are underway. Researchers are trying to enroll more women into their clinical trials. This is fundamental since ladies have been under-spoken to in most restorative research, not simply on AIDS. Most medications have never been specifically tested in women. A recent study found a higher risk of death among HIV+ women due to accident or injury with a lower T-cell count, who were unemployed, who had more than 8 mixed beverages every week, who hinted at melancholy, who utilized infusion medications, or who had 3-5 sex accomplices.

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