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The expression "individuals who trade sex for cash or nonmonetary things" incorporates a wide scope of people who exchange sex for money or different things including nourishment, medications, pharmaceutical, and safe house. People who trade sex are at expanded danger of getting or transmitting HIV and other sexually transmitted maladies (STDs) since they will probably take part in unsafe sexual practices (e.g. sex without a condom, sex with multiple partners) and substance use. The individuals who trade sex all the more routinely as a wellspring of progressing wage are at higher hazard for HIV than the individuals who do as such occasionally. People who take part in such exercises incorporate escorts; individuals who work in knead parlors, houses of ill-repute, and the porno business; intriguing artists; state-managed whores (in Nevada); and men, ladies, and transgender people who partake in survival sex, i.e., trading sex to meet basic needs of daily life. For any of the above, sex can be consensual or nonconsensual. It is vital for individuals who trade sex to get tried for HIV consistently and know their status. Knowing one’s status helps determine the best prevention or care options: a) Condoms are exceptionally successful in keeping a man from getting or transmitting HIV contamination if utilized the correct way every time amid sex. b) For persons who are HIV-negative, prevention options like pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), taking HIV medicines daily to prevent getting HIV, may be beneficial. C) For people who are living with HIV, taking medicines to treat HIV (called antiretroviral therapy or ART) the right way every day can help keep them healthy and greatly reduce their chance of transmitting HIV to others.

·         Safer sex                           

·         Peer education on raising awareness regarding STIs

·         Using a condom for vaginal, oral, and anal intercourse

·         Risk at Sex workers

·         Promotion and offering of STI screening, treatment and management

·         HIV prevention programmes for sex workers

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